AcuTop® Grid Tape Color Mix Box

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Gentle grid tapes for a positive effect on your body. 3 sizes, 130 tapes in total

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AcuTop® Grid Tape Color Mix Box

Gentle grid tapes for a positive effect on the body

  • Based on the Eastern medical science of acupuncture, AcuTop grid tape, also called acupuncture patch, are placed on pain, trigger or acupuncture points.
  • Gentle alternative to acupuncture or trigger point therapy
  • Continuous effect due to multiple day wearing time
  • Tape material 100% viscose with high quality acrylic adhesive
  • Great adhesive properties, hypoallergenic and skin friendly
  • Very comfortable to wear - at home, at work or during sports!
  • waterresistent grid tapes for a long hold, even during intese sport acitivites, swimming or showering
  • contains no drugs or other active substances
  • 3 sizes in beige

Type sizes:

Type A - 22 x 28 mm

Type B - 28 x 36 mm

Type C - 45 x 52 mm


90 x Type A in blue (9 tapes per sheet; 10 sheets)

30 x Type B in pink (6 tapes per sheet 5 sheets)

10 x Type C in black (2 tapes per sheet; 5 sheets)

AcuTop Grid Tape – The gentle way


The grid tapes can be easily used by placing them on acupuncture points, trigger points or pain points.

The effect of the grid tapes is based on the acupuncture theory of TCM and leads to a balancing and positive effect on the body.

At home, at work or during sports - AcuTop grid tapes are a universal helper in daily life!


  • Skin friendly, hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive with good adhesive
  • Water resistent and breathable material
  • High wearing comfort over the entire period of use
  • free of drugs and other active substances
  • safe and easy to use

Tips for the application of grid tapes

The grid tapes can be removed even more easily from the carrier with tweezers (CT90) and placed on the point of application.

Before application it is recommended to thoroughly cleanse the skin and remove grease for optimal hold. Please do not wear the tapes for more than 7 days. 

Ask your doctor, therapist, alternative practitioner or acupuncturist for a combination of therapeutic measures such as acupuncture with the use of grid tapes ( also called acupuncture patches) for an even better effect.


Tape Size
blue, pink, black
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1 Box (= 130 Tapes)
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