Medical supplies


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Blood lancets SUPRA with asymmetrical lancet tip.
7,12 € *
BSN Leukotape Classic is an inelastic tape with high adhesion for functional tape bandages. It stabilizes both mechanically and proprioceptively. Made of water-repellent cotton fabric coated with a zinc oxide rubber adhesive.
8,21 € 6,05 € *
Blood lancets ECO. Top quality made from stainless steel. Sterile blood collection with minimal trauma thanks to specially shaped concave tip.
13,69 € *
Tupferklemme aus Edelstahl zur Fixierung von Tupfern
9,50 € *
Medical roll 2ply, 59cm x 50m, white. Made from cellulose. Rolls individually wrapped in plastic
7,12 € *
Disposable Facerest Cover with Y-cut-out
17,73 € *
The XL format measuring 40 x 30.5 cm generously covers the head area of the treatment table and ensures more hygiene and protection. The premium quality is thicker than ordinary pads and offers particularly pleasant comfort.
15,77 € *
The facehole cover made from paper provides your customers with a clean and hygienic polster.
11,84 € 10,89 € *
High-quality and hygienic disposable face cradle covers made from fleece, for the protection of the headrest padding and to provide your client a soft and comfortable rest.
15,45 € 14,91 € *
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